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Employer Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Businessmen in rainWe have one mission. Protect and defend Los Angeles employers from employee issues and claims.

As a California Business owner we don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to navigate all the labor and employee laws.

If you need an employer defense attorney you have come to the right place.

We have focused our entire practice to helping California employers and business owners just like you, to protect and defend your self from employee claims.

Whether you are worried about an employee bringing a claim against you in the future or you have a current claim against you we can help.

The best place to start is always with our FREE 15 Minute Consultation. You have nothing to lose and once we hear your story we can give you the best steps to move forward based on your situation.

Sometimes we will not be the best fit for your situation and that is OK. You will at least get consultation from a top Los Angeles Employer Defense Attorney and know what you should do next no strings attached!

If we are the right fit to help you the next step will likely be a affordable one hour consultation where we can hear all the details of your case.

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